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Laser etching
By laser etching is the use of laser engraving technology keys on burn out black grooves.For signs of its is linear, so the common laser etching the arrow on the keyboard, etc. Are all hollow.
Now on the market of the white keyboard is basic it is to use the keyboard technology, mainly is the low cost manufacturers took a fancy to it, despite the high price of its product line, but its production is ten times the other printing methods above, and because the carved handwriting is burning, so does not need any other measures can have a very clear and firm's handwriting.Its mass is another reason why is environmental protection, harmful products is not produced.
But there are some fatal flaws, laser etching and it also determines its can not be used in the production of high-grade keyboard.First, since the laser etching belong to etching and printing ink is not used, so can only print a single black font, often the multi-color overprint in the high-end keyboard design will not be able to do,Second, high-end keyboard for the need of design and durability, structure of human body engineering and other non-standard products is difficult in common laser etching machine printed.Because of this, so on metal products production line, laser etching is used in the medium on the production line to use its production speed is fast, low cost advantage;And in high-end products production line, due to the higher printing quality requirements, so can only continue to use the high cost of traditional ink printing method.Rep: Cherry L label keyboard and market most of the white keyboard
Pad printing method
A key pad printing method is pretty old hat printing way, because of its less practical and low efficiency, is no longer in current use.Pad printing method is to use a set of letters type as the original font, through automatic machinery will brush it on ink, then a set of soft rubber piece of pressure on them, so that lift the rubber piece, writing ink will be transferred to the rubber block, and then the rubber piece will be moved to the blank on the keyboard, to press the rubber piece, ink is printed on the keyboard.
Before phototypesetting technology appeared, such as books, newspapers and magazines are printed.Compared with laser etching and silk screen printing, pad printing method without any constraint of printing and can be used to print any kind of keyboard.So, in addition to those who can't afford to buy a laser etching machine small factory there is no way to have to use this way without any technical requirements of printing, production companies generally use it to print the keyboard regardless of the cost of a high grade product.Secondly, because of its printing process, the influence of printing on the keyboard of the pad printing method for coated is much more difficult than silk screen printing, so a lot of using pad printing method to print the keyboard is not coated, but through the study of components to improve the printing ink and firm level to enhance the service life of the keyboard.Rep: Microsoft OFFICE keyboard
Silk screen printing (for ink printing is a common way)
The principle of which is to a special silk screen cover on the blank of the keyboard, with the handwriting of hollow out, then put the ink from the above, in the hollow part will be printed on the handwriting.The characteristics of the silk screen printing can be in after printing handwriting with a special screen brush on a layer of plastic, after drying can form a layer of plastic protective film covering the printing the handwriting, can prevent wear long time use of handwriting, this also is called keyboard film coating technology.The plastic of the English term for: Coating compared with laser etching, silk screen printing can by the repeated overprint freedom more than silk screen printing a variety of color, and there is no requirement for the keyboard material restrictions.But as a result of the limitation of the printing way, still can't print keyboard shape is too complex.Rep: DELL 81 xx is a keyboard.

Containing leaching printing (also called thermal sublimation method)
Containing leaching printing is a and ordinary ink printing different printing way, it is not common used liquid pigment inks, but solid resin type of ink.This kind of ink can sublimate to gas at high temperatures, in the form of gaseous molecules penetrate permeability after sublimation print surface, with the printing surface on the physical level as a whole, not just like normal pigment ink "sticky" in the printing on the surface, so the printing of high robustness.Kind of ink and resin innate in luster, form, etc.
Containing leaching printing is one of the most common ceramic cup "print" to bake.Containing leaching printing used for keyboard printing, the printing ink will fully "into" button of the PBT and ABS plastic lining, so it is almost impossible to be ground off, so now only RealForce keyboard to use this way of printing.Rep: Topre Realforce 101

Laser packing method
Principle of laser packing method is similar to "tattoo", tattoo is on the skin with a needle lines thin grain, then full filling with paint, the color will penetrate into the skin texture, later will not be washed off or wear off.And packing technology, laser print with laser etching technology first again (but usually laser etching print than shallow some, in order to make sure the surface of the flat), then use the second printing ink printing mode, so that curing ink will penetrate into the laser of notch and stay in the left, after that will not easily be ground.Use laser printing packing technology of the keyboard, because after the second printing ink, so I made up for the laser etching fonts is bad and can't print color defects, and with laser glass as the foundation, its robustness is far higher than that of pure ink printing.Personally, this kind of keyboard processing method is a combination of laser etching and printing ink on behalf of: Logitech ELITE (BTC OEM)

Hollow out printing method
First note this method on the mobile phone keyboard almost all is printed in this way.And only some of the APPLE laptop keyboard used the printing method.This way of printing is very simple, in fact, the main purpose of the apple computer to use this way of printing is not to the handwriting is firm, but in order to beautiful.Because this kind of font hollow out, come out in the "moment", so more clear than ink printing and lively, and, like mobile phone keyboard, hollow out words buttons can be installed under the backlight circuit, makes the laptop keyboard like mobile phone keyboard backlighting with perfect.
But hollow out the defect of printing method is also very obvious, the transparent material when used in the manufacture of a keyboard, its elasticity, hardness, wear-resisting degree are born less than ordinary keyboard materials.In fact, whether the use of hollow out text printing, transparent keyboard material has not been in touch keep up with the traditional method of black and white ABS plastic.Rep: APPLE laptop

Two color forming
Two color molding is the use of mould will be two different colors of plastic together, using two kinds of plastic color to display the difference of the font.Forming the advantage of two color font colors bright-coloured, high durability, not easy to have a word of phenomenon, good manufacturing technology keycap tactility performance is very good.Defect is difficult to show the finer text type, color monotone, stroke complexity is low, and its manufacturing fixed cost is expensive.
Laser mark
Laser carving process is the most common currently in high-grade keyboard.It has never fades, the line clear characteristics.

刷,透明键帽材质至今没有一种在触感上赶得上传统的黑白ABS塑料。代表:APPLE 笔记本键盘Logitech G15