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    Keyboard is a computer input device, being exposed to the outside, and the space between the keys is larger, the tiny sundry easy to enter, it is easy to dirty, failure cause buttons, so you should often clean.If you want to know how to thoroughly clean the keyboard, then come with me.

1. Open back cover
First will be the keyboard unplug from the host, can see on the back of the retaining screw.Will all the screw is screwed on the back, the back cover can be taken.
2. Remove the circuit board and circuit of film
The keyboard of the back cover will be removed after saw the soft circuit film.Circuit structure of the film is three layers, each layer of film between if any sundry into, failure will cause buttons, so this three layer film circuit is also our clean object.There is no fixed screw on three layers circuit film, can be taken directly, they are fixed through a round hole on film, film outside screw through the circuit on the round hole is fixed on the front panel.The keyboard of the circuit board is not big, no screws, also can be directly take it down.Also does not have too many components on printed circuit boards, only a few electric line connection.On the other side of the circuit board have 3 lights, this is your keyboard in the top right corner of the "Num look", "Caps Lock" and "Scroll Lock" indicator light.
3. Remove the all the buttons
Take down after the circuit board and circuit film can open all the keys.On each key has an independent rubber mat, put them all down.In the rubber mat can tear open button after all.Button is fixed with the plastic card buckle, pulled the can so long as it will be removed.

4. Comprehensive cleaning
Now all can remove the parts have been removed, such as clean.On the keyboard panel can use brush to clear the tiny stuff first, reoccupy cloth wipe up.Three layers of circuit film can also like to clean, buttons can use water to clean, the surface of the special cleaning agent can also be used to scrub.
5. After the removal of dirt, but also with the key net on the base and key cap thorough sterilization.
6. Install the back
After the cleaning is to be installed.One thing is we need to pay attention to, is to see all the rubber gasket is actually in their own position, avoid dislocation occurs when install the other parts.


Some Suggestions for cleaning of the keyboard.
(1)  if you decide to clean the keyboard, please be sure to remove the cleanup.Otherwise cannot achieve clean effect.
(2)  if you don't remember sort keys, please remove the paper before buttons to record.
(3) a key cap and rubber mat under the keys, when sealed, please keep separate.To avoid contamination keycap rubber mat.At the same time avoid losing key cap and rubber mat.
(4) the keyboard casing and keyboard is the key of the cleaning, recommend and toothbrush brush carefully clean with soap and water.
(5) 3 layers of circuit film, generally do not need to clean, and I can't touch water.
(6) rubber MATS in general do not need to be clean.
(7) keyboard key cap and please to dry before assembly.
(8) the violent disassembly will damage the key cap


To clean the keyboard some reminders.
(1)  the keyboard after cleaning, the feel will harden, even scrapped due to wrong operation.Please make your own risk.
(2)  if you want to carefully clean the keyboard, the whole process will take about three hours.In a hurry with, do not hurt the keyboard.
(3)  if you are not willing to begin, take a few dollars buy a new one is a good choice.


Keep the keyboard clean method:
1. The regular keyboard disinfection sterilization
2. In order to own and family's safety to wash your hands before and after using the keyboard
3. Try to avoid eating, smoking when handling keyboard
4. In the operation to avoid hands and eyes, facial skin and nose, ear canal and other parts of the direct contact
5. Using a public computer, such as Internet cafes available key keyboard sterilization bacteria net.Avoid cross infection.